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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my campaign last?

Your Campaign can last as long as you want it. You can have it have done all in one week or split up to 2 to 4 plus weeks

What happens if i don’t get a lead?

We offer a zero lead guarantee. If you don’t get a lead. We’ll give you a campaign thats a quarter the size of your purchase completely free 

How do you submit Leads?

Once a lead is generated. We will send it to the email we have on file for you.

Can your Agents handle Texting?

yes we do texting as well

Do I need skip trace the list?

No, we can skip trace your list for 7 cents per address

What is skip tracing?

We research and find the most recent numbers of the current owners of the property. 

How long does it take to get started?

We can get started as soon as tomorrow. 

How do I know the caller is working?

We will send you daily updates through email of how many calls were made and how many leads were generated. The Called ID is on our outbound calling as well

How many leads can i expect?

It depends on your market and your list

What Languages do your agents speak?

English and Spanish


Why Choose Us ?

Results you can expect in our lead generation. We now have a satisfaction guarantee.

  • Highest Rated Skip Tracing and Cold Calling
  • Our Services get more leads than ever
  • Satisfaction guarantee on all products